Get the Write person to offer a proper professional report when you are about to invest in a used or preowned vehicle. One of our partners Autochex NSW has been preforming expert witness reporting for over 15 years. There experience is unmatched.

Boasting Numerus wins in Ncat hearings and against Insurance companies repurchasing vehicles due to poor repairs as a result of Autochex post accident reporting.

As recent as March 2022 two major suppliers in the Caravan industry being ordered to replace windows in a Motor home that continued to crack as a result of the manufacture not fitting the Windows blades correctly. And they Blamed the consumer for using incorrect cleaning products. But we proved them wrong.

We won a case where the Caravan Manufacture repaired the Caravan incorrectly resulting in the having to repay the consumer the purchase price.

This is only some of what we can help with for you and the future.

Autochex Has over 40 years in the Industry with unmatched knowledge on Motor Vehicles and Caravans Motor homes and Prestige cars. Check them out at